The Rain and The Healing

After the chinese*virus attack of 2020, and associated attacks on populations via lockdowns, masks and social distancing, worldwide, by deceitful regimes, health organisations and movements¹, and in my case the landlord of my rented premises, a break in Africa’s Nature was called for!

Rain and the Healing the big five

1 Tired after the constant attacks, we headed to Africa’s Big Five

The annual pilgrimage to Karos, as we have come to call our timeshare chalets at the Protea Marriot Hotel, incorporating the Buchell’s Bush Chalets, within spitting distance of Kruger Park’s, Paul Kruger Gate, began early morning October 2nd, 2020 when two of our kind hit the road toward Kruger.

Burchell's Coucal, Centropus burchelli: a study at Kruger Nation

2 The Burchell’s Coucal, (from which our Bush Camp derived its name) can be spotted in the bush, as pretty as a picture when in full flight!

The rest of the gang hit the road many hours later, once baby was readied, cars packed to the brim with supplies and Wynn’s C Thru applied to the windscreens. It was a wet and eventful journey that included a good twenty minute stop to change baby and clean up the aftermath of a george² moment the wee bairn had endured along the Schoeman’s Kloof pass. Massive trucks streamed past, blasting hooters in greeting, as the mist created from the sopping wet roads gave the trucks a ghostly, menacing look!

3 Schoeman’s Kloof Pass and spooky trucks!

We eventually arrived at Karos, latish, were greeted by the Family from Natal and settled down for what can only be described best in Afrikaans as a kuier³ evening. Next morning, Golden Hour had Danny Boy, somewhat tired from the evening’s kuier, but up early, showered, shaved and ready for an early morning game viewing drive. Sadly, the instigators of the early start were still overcome from the previous evening’s kuier, as on the roof of the chalet the first summer rains were still soaking the thatch and the patter was constant as Dan hauled out the writing pad:

The Rain and the Healing

The rain is gently waking the Summer

As Dove coos and Bush Babies slumber

Bush Buck’s fur is ruffled, wet from the rain

The teeth of Baboon, imagine the pain

Kudu wanders in from the bush with quizzical look

What’s on your plate?  You gaze up from your book

Birdsong and Cicada now drowning out Dove

As the droplets keep healing from Heaven above

The deceit we’ve endured has torn us apart

Sanctimonious leaders, from their mouths do fart

Surprise! As the intelligent, the rules do obey

Legacies and savings, soon washed away

Liars, payrolled through underworld source

We’ll control your health, and your thoughts

Places you visit and where you may go

The new normal, the line you must toe

Thankful to have escaped into the wild

Trials & tribulations have not been mild

Attacks from all corners that sleep smothers not

Awaken from slumber, with a message from God

Your shoulders, the charge and the load can carry

Keep counting your blessings each time you parry

The Spirit is moving as mankind makes a stand

The Victory Chalice will soon be at hand

Elephant trumpets to keep you aware

Lion roars, lest in his trap you are snared

Baboon’s bark warns all who dare listen

That Leopard’s teeth are bared and do glisten

Giraffe, elegantly, ponders the scene

Bush Buck, beware, seems safe and serene

Impala always ready to offer a meal

As Crocodile readies to take all without feel

Dear God from Your Nature we learn

Tho’ many Your Word they blatantly spurn

The fear of a sickness has clouded their way

Masked, behind a door do they stay

Others are waiting for You and Your Move

While the watchers know it’s action or lose

Thankful, now, for the healing rain

As the African dawn brings a brand new day!

Dan Varoy – Protea Marriot Hotel, Burchell’s Bush Chalets  – 2020 10 06

* Respect and that capital letter is earned

¹ When one considers the absolute b…s… sprouted by certain movements, worldwide, and the associated violence, as many have been drawn into a guilt trap about the colour of their own skin, then a bowel movement comes to mind

² George: a stomach emptying moment, sometimes referred to as chunder, but more often as vomit

³ Kuier: Afrikaans meaning visit, but has a deeper meaning that includes, many drinks and long conversations and incessant joke telling

St Vincent School For The Deaf helping the hard of hearing to listen:

Down Durban way The Fulton School for The Deaf:

Abraham Kriel Childcare group, caring while we work:

The Avril Elizabeth Home for the Mentally Handicapped was opened in 1970, and for the amazing work they do for the less fortunate they deserve great accolades:

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