On Fire

It all started the day Carrie Lam was installed as puppet administrator in Britain’s ex colony, Hong Kong. The British Dependent Territory was handed back to mainland China, after a 99 year lease, on July 1st 1997. A snippet thrown in here is that Hong Kong Island, which China had ceded to Britain way back in the 1900s, after the so called First Opium War, was included in the hand back to Mainland China. The inhabitants of Hong Kong were not consulted, it seems! It was a case of hand back with a deal that supposedly guaranteed a retention of Hong Kong’s lifestyle for the next fifty years, or suffer the consequences! The consequences, that might have been were, a possible invasion of Hong Kong by the Chinese Armed Forces, and forced capitulation to the totalitarian regime.

On Fire map of Hong Kong

1 The seven and a half million people crammed into this semi autonomous state, but part of mainland China are fighting for their rights, and way of life. They even have their own Disneyland!

Lam was elected, somehow, in 2017 with a casino winning like vote count of 777 in the Hong Kong legislature and went about administrating. Early this year, 2019, the infamous extradition bill was introduced into Hong Kong, which seemingly stripped Hong Kongers of their rights as citizens and enabled the authorities to send anyone deemed undesirable back to Mainland China for corrective education, or worse, to take part in a disappearing act! Obviously, Lam had the support of her puppet string manipulators and the legislature, who are installed by an extremely complicated Election Committee or Electoral College.

But Lam had not the support of the people of Hong Kong! A fire of rebellion was burning in the heart of Hong Kong! Having had the blessing of generations growing up with freedom of thought and religious expression in a true capitalistic society, Hong Kongers revolted at the thought of their freedom being whittled away by the Mainland and took to the streets!

Armed with umbrellas and facemasks, for obvious reasons, the protests were massive although calm and orderly, initially, but as time went by, frustrations grew as Lam refused to even consider revoking her Bill. The people called for her to resign. Lam refused and doggedly carried on, even holding sham interviews with a handful of citizens.

The protest grew violent with over the top actions from the protesters and Police alike.

On Fire protester with makeshift couldron

2 A Hong Kong protester with a makeshift cauldron, about to inflict fiery damage to property or person. Sad that the protests have come to this! The Hong Kongers demand to be heard.

The fire had been lit and continues to burn!

Chinese Armed Forces are camped on the border of Hong Kong, undoubtedly poised, ready for action and probably desperate to intervene and shed a few lives.

On October 1st, 2019, the Chinese celebrated 70 years of totalitarian rule with massive and impressive military displays in Tiananmen Square and throughout Mainland China. Meanwhile in Hong Kong, Christian worshippers sang “Sing Hallelujah To The Lord” at shrines devoted to Christ and at sit ins in subway stations alike.

On Fire Hong_Kong_protests_sing

3 Protesters singing Hallelujah to the Lord

The Aussie News network, ABC, published the story in the link below:


This Hymm became their Anthem in the early protest days and non Christian protesters felt OK to sing along as, under Hong Kong law, a religious gathering can never be deemed illegal! But Sing Hallelujah’s  Christian message didn’t have universal appeal, and a certain incognito “Thomas”, composed Glory to Hong Kong with lyrics in Cantonese that reflect the moment and the message that Hong Kongers are sending out.


With Earth’s 6,7 odd Billion inhabitants entrusted to care for our Blue Planet, it is glaringly obvious that people are what makes the World go around. The various totalitarian regimes that exist, often with despot leaders who have support from cadres and self interested lieutenants, would deprive the masses of their freedom of thought, manipulate the education process and shackle people to dictums of old and ancient thought.

Lam, who did listen, eventually, and revoked her bill, travelled to the mainland on October 1st to undoubtedly join her masters in celebration, possibly take advice and consider her next move. As it stands the Hong Kongers have the World behind them and the Chinese have too much to lose by intervening. Their advances, handed to them, mostly by Western conglomerates interested only in profit, have enabled them, the Chinese, to become economic Masters within a few decades of clever business practice!

Champions of Human Rights, the people of the USA have unanimously passed a bill in the House of Representatives aimed at ensuring Hong Kongers keep the special trade relationship they enjoy with the USA and also to encourage the Mainland to respect the Hong Konger’s semi autonomous position and allow them to elect their own Chief Executive.

Nearing end November 2019, Lam is still in place, and the people of Hong Kong have had their voices heard. But the fire continues to burn in the heart of Hong Kong and the universities and schools, filled with the future generation, have become centres of protest and many campuses have been trashed. Foreign exchange students have been told to go back to their counties of origin, causing much emotional pain and frustration. The wearing of face masks has been banned by Lam and the authorities, causing the Hong Kongers to rebel, by simply wearing their masks!

On Fire students protest line possibly the most dramatic pic od HK protest

4 Possibly the most dramatic picture to emerge from the Hong Kong protests! The future generation form a protest line.

To get their point across, Hong Kongers have been targeting businesses and banks with Mainland links and some alarming scenes emerged of these businesses and banks looking like mini fortresses, the windows and doors protected with massive steel plates. Despite the legislation passed making it illegal to wear face masks, it has become a part of the normal daily apparel for most protesters and as soon as the water cannons, coloured dye spray and tear gas have dissipated, the Hong Kongers retaliate with ingenuity and sadly deeply damaging weapons such as concrete blocks broken into pieces, Molotov cocktails and recently, bows and arrows with flaming heads being sent into their targets! Battles of yesteryear are being re-enacted in the streets of Hong Kong!

On Fire dramatic fiery blockade and protester on the run

5 Action shot of a burning blockade and a black clad, masked protester on the run!

More recently one of the Hong Kong protest leaders was attacked by five men armed with hammers, putting him in hospital with grievous injuries! This led to a massive increase in protesters taking to the streets. The bullying systems that totalitarian regimes use are under attack by the people of the World, with many countries being rocked by often violent protest. People have advanced massively in intellect and the day of the peon is done, although with massive population growth, billions need to survive and provide their families with basic needs. Frustrations will remain as the peon advances and demands more out of life, people cannot be held back, so brace yourselves regimes and despots, the meek are meek no more and shall inherit the Earth!

On Fire blessed are the meek

6 “The Meek shall inherit the Earth”

Even more recently, Local Elections in Hong Kong saw 17 of the 18 districts in Hong Kong going the way of the pro democracy movement, with 71 percent of the population ticking their box in the ballot halls. Lam responded to the virtual landslide victory by the pro democracy Hong Kongers with a news conference saying the quiet for the past week during the elections was deafening, can we, the Hong Kongers, please keep it like that! Possibly the thought of sending activists to rehabilitation camps on the mainland has proved improbable with the extradition bill revoked, but the fire in the hearts and souls of the Hong Kongers will surely not be doused either. A status quo must be inevitable, with a desperate to be in control Mainland, fearing similar fires springing up back home.

On Fire election results

7 Although unusual for local elections to have such deep meaning, the Hong Kongers regarded it as a victory for the pro democracy movement!

The optimist is with the Hong Kongers and sees an acceptance and the one state, two systems working in Hong Kong. The pessimist envisages plans being made to increase police presence in Hong Kong and a no matter what, your freedom of thought and religious expression that you have enjoyed, is threatening and unacceptable. Your God given rights must be revoked. I am with the optimist, and you?

On Fire free hong kong

8 Optimism can never be wrong if it can create such fervour!

The greatest challenges are yet to come though as the Guardians of the Blue Planet fight off pollution, regimes with Earth threatening weapons under construction, the mindless destruction of our Oxygen generating forests and that word again, regimes with totalitarian intent, confused religious thought and a misunderstanding of what happens to a soul that has led a soulless life. A minority of people filled with criminal intent and those who have been conditioned to hate and take life with thoughts only of their own glorification, those who have destroyed the lives of others with mind altering substances, self interested and who take without giving back to our glorious Blue Planet. The majority of us have our work cut out:

Michael Jackson said it all in Heal the World


St Vincent School For The Deaf helping the hard of hearing to listen:


Down Durban way The Fulton School for The Deaf:


Abraham Kriel Childcare group, caring while we work:


The Avril Elizabeth Home for the Mentally Handicapped was opened in 1970, and for the amazing work they do for the less fortunate they deserve great accolades:


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