Never Again

All About Writing, an internet based aid for pleb writers, like your’s truly, have a regular competition on their Facebook page where they ask specific criteria, usually something like: “In no more than 250 words write a piece that might bring a tear to your reader’s eye.”

With my eye on the prize, and being stymied by not being able to pass the 250 deadline, I submitted Never Again and sadly for this perspiring writer, there are many talented writers out there, I never even got a look in! And I thought it was a cute location, emotional moment and story! Oh well, at least Chantelle had tears in her eyes!

Never Again
1 Chantelle was seated, with a view of St Mark’s, awed at the beauty around her, yet the tears kept coming!

Never Again?

“Never again will I trust a man!”

“Why couldn’t I find a cool dude like my Dad?”

“What about my best friend?”  “Cecelia must have male in her DNA, what a back stabbing bitch, just like that bastard Jack!”

“And they did it in my bedroom!”

“They are welcome to each other, and he is not getting the engagement ring back!” “That is the deposit on that vintage MG sports car I’ve been eyeing”!

Never Again MG
2 1953 MG Roadster, that useless ring will pay for this!

Chantelle wiped the tears off her cheeks with the back of her hand, picked up her glass of Prosecco and downed it! “Bottoms up!” She thought ruefully, “Just like those two traitors!” Seated at a small table outside a locale in St Mark’s Square, Venice, Chantelle looked around her at the beautiful old buildings and the tears welled up again!

“Scusi madam, another?”

“Oh, you have been crying, here I have a clean handkerchief!”

“My name is Guilio.” The waiter said, dabbing Chantelle’s cheeks. She pulled away gently, saying “Vorrei una double Johnnie Walker, per favore?”  Proud of her reasonable grasp of Italian, that she had only weeks before started learning!

Never Again waiter3
3 Scusi madam, do you mind if I sit with you?

Guilio, with his long flowing black hair and blue eyes, was back within minutes, with Chantelle’s whisky and a second glass for himself!

“I am off duty now, do you mind if I sit with you?” He said

“You can tell me your name, and what is making you so sad.”

“Chantelle, your English is very good!” She said, shaking Guilio’s hand!


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