This somewhat vague story about Mud and recent muddy political events on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean, is written, assuming the reader is up to date with these happenings! If not, you can, as we all do, catch up on Google!


Amazingly the mud spattered Donald Trump and his security advisors remained only vociferous, recently, when the Iranians sent drones to attack Saudi Arabian oil installations, and simply orchestrated the Houti Rebels from Yemen to immediately claim responsibility for their, the Iranians, dirty work!

Mud Saudi Oilfields blaze

1 Some 16 drones attacked Saudi Oilfields, affecting 5% of the Blue Planet’s oil supplies!

The World expected a conflict and all they got was all kinds of mud being slung from one country to another.  Unable to dodge the mud, oil prices took fright!

A month or so earlier an Iranian registered oil tanker, on its way to Syria, was obstructed from proceeding with its obvious sanctions busting journey, by the Brits in Gibraltar, caused much mud to be slung by the Iranians in the direction of Great Britain. Boris Johnson, much too busy convincing her Majesty that proroguing Parliament was the right thing to do, and dodging muddy gunge being heaved by various and sundry anti Brexit Britons, left that mud, the Iranian’s mud, to be handled by the diplomatic corp.

Mud Iranian oil tanker

2 Obviously choc en bloc full, this Iranian tanker was impounded by the Brits at The Rock of Gibraltar, but eventually released to carry on with its sanctions defying journey to Syria!

The Iranians responded by hijacking a British oil tanker from international waters, as tit for tat, and take that! The British tanker crew’s lives were threatened and between the mud being slung, everyone was warned to stay away, or else.

Mud Stena Impero

3 The Stena Impero, with a hooligan Iranian so called Revolutionary Guard pirate boat in picture, was held for months in an Iranian port!

Eventually a muddy solution eventuated where the so called legal boffins secured the Iranian oil tanker’s release followed weeks later by the release of the British oil tanker from the Iranian port where it had been held captive.

In the meantime, muddy waters were losing their viscosity as Trump and Ukraine’s president exchanged parley, which tickled the ear of a partisan, but democrat CIA agent in the White House. It seems a President like Trump is under mudch scrutiny by his devoted staff! In the ensuing conversation much dirt was exposed about Democrat and presidential hopeful, Joe Biden and a word reserved for ex-President Nixon, impeachment, reared its ugly head again as the Democrats desperately looked for mud and ways to rid ‘Murica of their Nemesis, the Super Glue President.

Mud Trump and super glue

4 The famous, Trump can’t be trusted with super glue pic!

While all of this was happening, Britain’s Parliament was prorogued, (Google it, I had to), and anti Brexiteers called on the Highest and Supreme Court of Britain to intervene and deem the proroguing  of Parliament as unlawful and not in the interest of the People of Britain, etc, etc! The Supreme Court listened and while Boris was twaffling away at the United Nations, Lady Hale, The Supreme Court Judge, gave the Court’s verdict, causing much mud to be slung on the tabloids, from opposition Parliamentarians  and even wild Brits who go about attacking their MPs, who just don’t seem to have lived up to their election promises!

Mud Lady Hale

5 Lady Hale, President of the British Supreme Court. The tabloids dubbed her the Spider Lady. Boris has developed Arachnophobia!

Meanwhile back at the ranch, in South Africa, and Africa, the xenophobic attacks in RSA and the response from once allies within Africa, where more tit for tat attacks took place on innocent people, have left the Nation demoralised and really stuck in a muddy, social and political drama!

Mud Xenophobia

6 These hooligans were slinging far more than mud!

Sadly, mud is not an easy to negotiate substance, particularly if it is slung from an inept, unthinking or uncaring, political or religious zealot’s hand.

As we go to press, the mud has not washed away, Trump is stuck in the mud as ‘Murica’s President, although the Democrats and some disgruntled Republicans feel they have struck gold dust and are going hell for leather for an impeachment inquiry.

Boris, it seems, has managed to carefully slip and slide through the mud in Britain’s Parliament, and still resides at no 10! Although as I speak, more mud in the form of a no confidence vote is about to be slung at the British Prime Minister!

And the corrupt, conniving, blatant theft from, who should be honourable people in charge, that is South Africa’s own quagmire, has confused many who, not only blame successful foreigners for taking their jobs, but  go on strike thinking their actions will convince employers, who have made desperate cuts in staff and costs in order to survive, to re-employ them at whatever cost. Confusion does reign where vision is not plain!

Mud Corruption in RSA

7 Instead of encouraging growth and success, theft from the top down has destroyed the Gold Mine that was, and disillusioned the masses, yet they continue to vote the rogues into power!

Muddy Waters, real name McKinley Morganfield, was the man who got them girls and dudes in Chicago to appreciate southern blues music : Hoochie Coochie Man

3 thoughts on “Mud”

  1. Its been so long since I’ve had a comment on my Blog, in desperation I’m posting a comment from a reader, and friend, Sean Coote! :D
    Hi Dan, I’m in Spain at the moment – found your link very interesting! Thank you. My view on the whole climate issue is controversial…delving into the actual scientific data and real climate scientists, the picture looks very different. First off our climate works in cycles and while pollution and carbon emissions have some effect, it is not the major cause of climate change…what is happening now has happened hundreds of times since time immemorial, and is unstoppable. We are in fact in a cycle of global cooling not warming, as the politicians would have us believe. They use carefully selected snippets of science to bamboozle Joe Public and their real agenda is more taxes. The use of kids like Greta is nothing short of child abuse…Greta suffers from depression among other psychological issues and has become the poster girl for politicians because it serves their purposes…Hitler also did the same! Yes we need to be environmentally considerate and change our ways, but its naive to believe we can save the planet from the climatic change underway. All these comments I can prove on email to you – should you be interested. All the best, Sean

    1. Hi Sean. As you can see, I’ve taken the liberty of posting your comment! That’s the idea of the Blog! To share my thoughts, sagas and journeys with you, my readers, and at the same time induce you to comment and share your thoughts! Great comment, by the way! I actually mentioned Greta Thunberg’s health to Linda this morning, so have to agree with you on that point! And we, as senior inhabitants, who have experienced much of what the Blue Planet can throw at us do realise that we are, and have always been, at Natures mercy! I am doing my small bit! I never allow purchases into a plastic bag at the supermarket! :D

      1. Sean’s comments are aimed more at the Blurb attached to my invitation to my Blog! There I made mention of Greta Thunberg and thanked her for her efforts and although, possibly, somewhat overboard, her desire to heal our glorious Blue Planet! There you go readers! I’ve created a forum! :D Go for it! :D

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