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Dan Varoy was born on June 2nd 1951. At age 15 he started a motor mechanic apprenticeship at Wakefield Motors in Wellington NZ. Intent on becoming a motorcycle world champion, in 1972 he headed to Europe via South Africa. Many experiences, and one or two mistakes later, he returned to settle in South Africa in 1980. A daughter from a previous marriage, Carolyn Marie, lives in Australia. Married to Linda, they have three very grown up children Vincent, Natalie and Danelle. He has a 32 year old gearbox and motor car repair business in Johannesburg's Northern suburb Randburg. Writing and entertaining his readers has now become his life mission!

Poetic Licence

My very first blog is dedicated to the memory of Inky Deighton who, although saddled with a class full of dubious, shell B scholars, managed, somehow to instill in at least one of those scholars, a love for the written word!

A quick history may explain my lack of finesse at times, and although not intended as a pre-apology, my intention is to provide food for thought, encouragement to put pen to paper, to support specific worthy causes, to bring a smile if not to your eye, then to your heart. Ultimately the blog is intended as a marketing tool to introduce my written thoughts or artistic effort to an audience wider spread than my family and close friends.

At the tender age of fifteen I had convinced my Dad that I would pass my school leaving exam, and although Dad wanted me to study further, get my university entrance exam, and choose a career such as a Lawyer, Doctor or Accountant, that I wanted to become a Motor Mechanic. Dad arranged an interview with a prospective employer, and six months before my sixteenth birthday, I had convinced the legendary Alan Barber that I would pass the above mentioned, pre-requisite exam to enter the motor industry. I was signed up as an apprentice.

Luckily for me, by the time my school leaving exam results came out, I was entrenched in my job and was allowed to continue with the apprenticeship, and through the skills my Mum and Dad had instilled in me had adapted to the industry like a duck to water. The people through whose lives I passed during this time of adaptation and learning were special and an important part of my initiation in the greater society. I hope my feeble memory will do them justice in my intended future scrawlings.

Motorcycles and racing are often a natural progression for a young, dare I say it, man finding his feet and looking to impress anyone and everyone and to feel that satisfying feeling of acceptance. In my case I reckoned that I was good enough to become a world champion and, although having no championships behind me, let alone even winning any races, at age twenty one I headed off to Europe via South Africa to fulfill my ambitions.

Many mistakes and bad calls later saw me back in South Africa after the racing thing didn’t work out for me. A beautiful wife and children, a motor car repair business that on July 11th 2014 will be thirty one years old and the remnants on my head of a once shock of hair.

Emotion is of utmost importance when writing poetry and today I put it to you all to open your hearts and thrill the rest of us with a poem. Make us try and fathom your train of thought and take as much poetic licence as you like! We had a fright recently when my father in law, Leen Budding, was rushed to Sunninghill Hospital critically ill:




Were There No Heaven

Were there no Heaven ‘twould matter not

Your soul shall ne’er disappear nor rot

With us here on Earth you’ll surely stay

Memories of you, in our hearts engrained

‘Though the latest bout of illness has confused your mind

And to the nurses, it appears you have an axe to grind

Your strength remains obvious in those blazing eyes

A spirit ne’er to shrivel up and die

The panic, we shared still fresh from the other day

Breath pumped by hand that you, with us should stay

As we fill and block the hospital’s corridor

To hope and encourage, not pace the worn out floor

Our dearest wish, Pa, is to see you again fit and well

Grumpy, dismissive but endearing our hearts to swell

So as you see our love will ne’er stop

Were there no Heaven ‘twould matter not

Families Varoy and Budding 2014 04 27


Having discovered at Wellington College during a routine hearing screening test, that I was completely deaf in my right ear, I have managed remarkably well over the years, and it always surprises most people to learn that I am, in fact hard of hearing! I make up for my deficiency by trying to keep mobile at gatherings so that, I manage to hear more of what goes down than had I been seated. Even so there are many negatives that inhibit the hard of hearing and my heart goes out to any such person. My intention through this Blog and future editions will be to support the St Vincent School For The Deaf which is situated in Melrose, Johannesburg. The link below to their home page will give you an insight to the wonderful work the school achieves. Just copy and paste in your browser’s address bar. Feel free to support this school and make a donation to them.

St Vincent School For The Deaf