Are We All Not Noah Then?

The Bible’s book of Genesis relates the story of Noah, who heard the Word of God, built a massive Ark to house two of every kind of the Earth’s animals and used the Ark to survive the global flood that engulfed our Planet. Noah and his family along with a pair of every species floated to safety, eventually finding dry land on Mount Arafat, according to modern historians.

Noah Ark

1 Noah’s Ark possibly looked like this, on top of Mt Arafat, once the flood waters had subsided.

With the continuing debate on global warming and the animals of our Planet becoming endangered by the actions of an uncaring, uneducated and thoughtless mankind, I ask myself the question: “Is the story of Noah not intended as a parable, with the two legged homo sapien, enabled with brain power’s job description being that of Custodian of the animal life?”

Noah Homosapien

2 That brain was intended to keep us at the top of the food chain, but at the same time nurture and protect God’s Earth and it’s Creatures

The recent, life taking, devastating and heartbreaking, out of control bushfires in Australia that, reportedly destroyed millions of acres of bush and forests and ecosystems, taking at the same time, with tears in my eyes I write this, the lives of some Billion animals, have been attributed to arsonists, who started many of the fires, (there have been 183 charged so far, with 24 of those idiots for lighting bushfires, according to Fox News), and poor forestry management.

Australian officials charged nearly 200 with fire offenses as deadly wildfires rage

A headline from Fox News, January 7th 2020

Instead of listening to the Aboriginal tried and tested methods of small burn offs of the dead leaves and dried brush, at critical times of the season followed by bigger burn offs to control things through the Winter months and when the natural fire season arrives around November, the fires are less devastating, government and State authorities listened to well meaning, but misguided environmental groups and stopped the small burns, even closing off fire breaks doubling as 4×4 trails, blocking the trails with massive boulders, making it illegal for 4×4 and campers to use the trails, which also enabled the forest to grow over the once trails, sadly preventing access to fire outbreaks and stopping quick intervention in it’s tracks. Cattle farmers were also forbidden and or discouraged from driving their cattle along the trails, through forested areas, as they once did, again preventing a natural clearing of the forest floor and the highly flammable fuel load.

The Daily Telegraph published a view written by Alan Jones on November 18th 2019, which the Volunteer Firefighters of NSW also posted on their website:

Read also Barry Somerville’s post of 2019 12 19, in the comments below the above posting. More native experience!

The well meaning environmentalist argument was that the small burns threatened eco-systems and they wanted the dead leaves and dried brush, (also known as fuel load), to disintegrate naturally, nurturing all forest life. The reality of life on Earth and the intellect of mankind, our job description as Guardians of the Blue Planet and the need to co-exist with nature demands that when we intervene, we should use our heads first. Listen to nature and to native experience.

The Burning Off Fire Law with Yidumduma Bill Harney is a must watch, and will surely cause a tear to flow, if not from your eye, then in your heart! (Let’s hope the clip is not geo blocked in your neck of the woods):

Noah Bill Harney

3 Yidumduma Bill Harney

The tragedy of the 2019 / 2020 bushfires, although not the worst in Australia’s recent history, is what followed and with the Global warming groups blaming Global warming, news channels worldwide reported and devoted much airtime on the ensuing holocaust. Heavy rains arrived mid  January 2020, dousing many of the fires, but too late for the lives lost, the livestock and wildlife, and eco-systems that were destroyed forever! is a great platform for debate and, as with any issue, a place to air and listen to facts, and native experience. Les Crowe’s posting is deeply profound:

Our responsibility, as Noah’s was, is to nurture Nature to ensure it’s survival, but with a clear head, never forgetting that we are as much a part of Nature as it’s creatures and organisms. Our intellect enables us enact the role of Noah!

The Irish Rovers from the Sixties, you may shed a tear here too:

St Vincent School For The Deaf helping the hard of hearing to listen:

Down Durban way The Fulton School for The Deaf:

Abraham Kriel Childcare group, caring while we work:

The Avril Elizabeth Home for the Mentally Handicapped was opened in 1970, and for the amazing work they do for the less fortunate they deserve great accolades:

2 thoughts on “Are We All Not Noah Then?”

  1. Well written Dan! We have such an important role to play! So shocking that some people choose to destroy our beautiful planet rather than help it survive during difficult seasons!

    1. Yay, my first genuine comment in goodness knows how long! Thanks Mummy! Our role on this volatile Planet is vital! Responsible conservation and recycling, never forgetting that we, mankind, have the power to heal and use our native experience to preserve Nature!

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