A Testimony

Living in Africa, one is used to violent crime, lawlessness, near misses, threatening situations and a general lowering of standards, as the politici keep an imbalance in place by promoting racial, and tribal, divide in order to keep the status quo in their favour.

Supporters of the African National Congress (ANC) and South Africa's President Jacob Zuma flee from police in Johannesburg

1 Commonsense steers one clear of violence, but often the innocents are caught up in the situation, with only the Angels to protect them.

With the employment of staff having been turned into contract workers and daily invoices for their services, by recent events, the once nine hour day has morphed into a seven hour day, with the contractors rocking up around 09 00 and leaving around 16 00. They keep their own hours.

Last Thursday afternoon I had three contractors and as they were preparing to leave, I was seemingly alone in my new business premises. Two gentlemen, wearing civvies, with well worn holstered pistols on their belts, wearing facemasks with SAPS (South African Police Services) emblazoned on the masks appeared asking me for a quote to renew lower control arm bushes on an old model Volvo S60. My business sign over my doorway reads Gearbox King and suspicious that these two gentlemen would ask for a quote for suspension items from a gearbox business, I immediately threw questions at them, in a friendly manner, as to where was the Volvo, they had arrived in a white VW Jetta with a non SAPS registration, which police station were they from etc etc.

A Testimony saps mask

2 The official mask.

I was cornered in my fancy new reception room but the contractors, at that moment, walked past and about to leave me on my lonesome. I shouted out at the three to wait and help me get the cars that were parked outside, into the workshop.

Tragically, for me, there was a Toyota Hilux rear differential on the workshop floor that had to be moved out of the way to make space. To prove to these two gentlemen that I was a mean and tough old bastard, I attempted to pick up the extremely heavy diff’, and as I did the muscle in my left bicep went ping! The pain was instant, but being a tough old bastard, I could not show that! I somehow managed to slide the differential assembly the rest of the way. The flurry of activity and the extra three bodies might well have mellowed the situation and I took one of the gentlemen’s cell number so that I could phone with a quote. He had given his name as Malusi but when I called the number, Trucaller recognised it as someone by the name of Foster. Malusi looked at his phone, which didn’t ring, and he said: “There it is, I have your number now!” Possible situation defused, the two gentlemen climbed aboard their white VW Jetta and drove off.

The Angels were certainly out in force in that situation, but that is NOT what this testimony is all about!

That evening, after the family had applied kinesiology tape to the arm and a patch of TransAct, the mean old bastard slipped into oblivion concerned as to how he could even extract the number 10 spanner that is forever in his left hand pocket, the pain was excruciating. I awoke at around 02 30am and the pain was almost unbearable. Knowing I had gearboxes and differentials waiting for my personal attention, next day, I lay my healing right hand on my arm and Prayed a healing, in Jesus’ Name.

A Testimony kinesiology tape

3 My six pack was intact but my left bicep had torn. The pain was excruciating!

A few hours later, after ablutions and coffee, I hit the road to work, managing the gear changes but still favouring my left arm. I used the occupational therapy methods to restrict movement of my arm and yet, without the assistance of power tools, I managed to strip and assemble two gearboxes that Friday! The unbearable pain has morphed into a dull, take care and thoughts of get the compressor installed for the power tools to make life easier! A testimony to the power of Prayer, in the name of Jesus, the power of positive thinking or the mean old bastard is a quick healer?

You call it!

A Testimony faith healing


4 If you have Healing Hands, put them to work. They’re a gift from God!

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