A Crime

A Crime

A crime so obvious, committed

Against a humanity so oblivious

That behind the mask, and obedient space

Commonsense, by fear replaced

“All in this together” they claim

“Save lives” is the purported aim

“A new normal” for the human race

Freedom with subservience replaced

Take the elixir, or travel and trade you’ll not

Access to vital meds we’ll put a stop

Suspect results, for a healthy victim

Shared, manipulated by an evil whim

And YOU, if you’ve understood my gist

May ask, “What should I do to resist?”

Muster your strength and Faith in God

Surrounded by those who also baulk, untie your most vicous dog

For only in numbers can the evil whim be fought

Dig in your heels, armed with lessons taught

Then as one, stand up tall

Rest not ‘til we’ve recovered all

From regimes and governments who’ve lost the plot

Planning a “World Order” over the beguiled lot

Take not the juice, from that evil sluice

Freedom in Jesus’ Name rather choose

Dan Varoy, watching a Crime: The World, at war with the underworld who have planned a society of absolute control, where freedom is replaced with marxist¹ ideals and controls, a society in which the individual owns nothing, not even his or her own pension plan.

The elite, sanctimonious leaders who’ve preached the beguiling lies, have no feeling for you, your family or our glorious Blue Planet. They serve an evil master.

2020 12 12

¹ Marxism, an ideal in which the individual relinquishes his / her specialness to the greater society has no place on God’s Earth, nor mine!

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