By now, 20 days into South Africa’s Covid 19 virus lockdown, the death toll around our under attack Earth, from the evil bug, has risen to well over a hundred thousand lives, a sad legacy of the dubious origin pandemic. The real truth is yet to be known!

Lockdown truth

1 Will we ever know the truth?

I can understand preventing citizens from purchasing alcohol during such a lockdown, because, as we all know what happens when the price of booze goes up, we generally buy less food! With many billions around the Blue Planet being left destitute by the lockdown, there is every fear that any cash available will not be spent on the family’s grocery needs, but at the liquor store! Great decision by the pirates in charge, but spare a thought for a man whose Ph balance needs careful nurturing with metered amounts of Chardonnay, daily!

Lockdown Glen Carlou Chardonnay

2 A sight for sore eyes, and a liverish writer!

After the trauma of the sudden lockdown, supplemented by the news one day before lockdown, that the liquor stores were to be closed forthwith, added to that a crazy Thursday spent chasing last minute payments, groceries etc, masks, sanitiser and needs for the kitchen cupboard rebuild that had been pending, and was, by sad default, to become a duty of many days helping to maintain focus, and keep insecurity and boredom at bay, we settled into a fairly good routine at home. We added to the millions of humourous shares on fb and Whattsapp, making the best of a dire situation!

Lockdown Fishing at pool

3 Lateral thought became therapy! Does this pic need a caption?

Every year, normally during the April holiday, about two or three days into the break as the stress and constant effort leaves my body, I suffer from cramps, fever, rummy tummy, etc! On the Wednesday before Easter, after a lull in my duties, it hit me! (The Kitchen units had been rebuilt, piping done and installed, all while we were cooking, making coffee, sterilising Xander’s bottles, etc! Lounge chairs stripped, repacked and reassembled. Trainer toilet seat made for the wee bairn. Lawn mowed, but the family wouldn’t let me out onto the street to do the pavement grass! Even managed to fix a leaking toilet………!) Mummy did look after me so well, but I sensed an irritation and it was then that I realised the boys were right all along! “If you don’t look busy, she’ll find something for you to do!” Get well rather sooner than later!

Lockdown kitchen cupboard

4 Kitchen cupboard, with extension and such pro racing exhaust pipe for dishwasher hoses!

Lockdown spot the angel fish

5 Spot the Angel Fish?

We are blessed with space to accommodate six of us and our wee bairn, grandson Xander, at 19 months an entertainer! The tennis court became a refuge for sport and a giant blackboard, with Xander’s chalked activities and pics adorning the trams.

Lockdown graffetti on tennis court

6 My brother in New Zealand, Anton’s comment was that “It looks like a crime scene!”

None of the above situation, preparations and seemingly idyllic situation could remove the underlying knowledge that my business was in jeopardy, my staff will in all probability no longer have a job and exiting the lockdown a new way of doing business will have emerged. We eventually stopped watching news bulletins, especially CNN with it’s attacks on Trump the centre focus and not the desperate situation in New York, the UK, Italy and Spain. Shame on you CNN, even Al Jazeera is more balanced.

And then, two weeks into the lockdown, with a small chance that South Africa might have two weeks to grasp at straws and bring in enough to pay April’s bills, but probably not the rent, a news bulletin stating that another 14 days would be needed to flatten the curve, as the news networks have glorified the graph referring to the pandemic! Hope was never a plan, anyway! Survive we will, but with future plans shot to smithereens. We knew then that the business rebuild would need careful planning, with calm and controlled thought and action! Having, by then, recovered from my lapse in excellent health, I started planning the dining room table chair rebuild, using panels stripped from the old kitchen cupboards!

Lockdown chair

7 The Golden Hour chair after many tedious hours of stripping, making a template of the broken seat, recovering and you have a like new seat!

Without a doubt we will exit to a changed World, billions of citizens stripped of their savings and out of a job, their pensions under attack from pirates a plunder, Landlords already issuing futile final warnings to evict tenants, instead of seeing the reality and providing a rental holiday for three months, mortgage bonds un-payable and banks having to also take a reality check and hopefully provide repayment holidays or sit with unsellable properties as there will be no buyers with cash, businesses shut down forever, legacies that had been forged with blood, sweat and tears will become a sad regret or mournful recollect’, when poverty eases through the front door, Love often falls out the back door, the investors from the east have much to answer for!

The movie Lion was massive as was Sia’s Never Give Up, with over 94 million views on YouTube alone! Whoever or how that evil bug was unleashed on us, We Shall Never Give Up:


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