The Barber

I originally conceived a story, whilst sitting in the chair, whilst my pro barber chatted on about how misunderstood and special the occupation of the barber was, and how un-special women were and were just there for producing children who could grow up hating, instead of accepting or tolerating members of differing sects or religions, and blaming America for everything they considered wrong in their lives. (Having to take a holiday break, my pro barber, in my conceived story, employed a locum, unbeliever diva hairdresser and, in my story, falls hair, head and shoulders in love with her!)

The Barber ancient Egypt
1 In ancient Arabia, the Barber was a highly respected profession and besides the obvious, his duties were often medical and even counselling!

That was a haircut ago!

With my hair taking on that unruly Jack Nicholson, who cares? look , last Friday, I paid my staff and arrived a little late at my pro barber’s premises where I found the lights were on but nobody seemed to be at home, so I gently tapped on the window. There was no response from inside! The glamourous restauranteuse from next door was walking past and I asked her if she knew where my pro barber was. She replied that she hadn’t seen him leave and suggested that he was perhaps on the long drop? With that disgusting thought, I turned to go and a little like my far better half, who often arrives, without a sound, out of the gloom to just be there, my pro barber opened his door looking a little irritated, saying “I was praying!”

Jack Nicholson at his unruliest!
2 Jack Nicholson at his unruliest!

He invited me in and before long was busy with what is left of once proud locks, and then, almost as if he had been inspired by his prayer time, he started sprouting! Obviously restrained by the usual sheet and towel that keeps the spiky locks from entering one’s undergarments, I sat and listened as he first dissed the fact that my Jesus had resurrected from the dead, “No, no its impossible, when you die you die!” He spurted out!

The Barber Resurrection
3 A name not to taken in vain, but to be used when you need to ease the pain!

Then out came his version of the flat Earth story and “There are no satellites!” “Your phone gets a signal from Earth!” And “Clinton tried to shoot missiles and break through the glass sky and it was impossible!” He was rambling by now! In his ranting he made the statement that he had read 600 books in his lifetime and I couldn’t help wondering what sort books he might he have read? Mein Kamf or Mao’s Thoughts and possibly The Perfumed Garden!

I mentioned, as I envisioned to myself, the vicious pair of scissors impaled through my eyeball socket and out of my skull, that in reading 600 books, he had lived 600 more lives than his own! He  wholeheartedly agreed and with the those scissors clicking away, from eyeball to ear, my pro barber raved on about sex and how bad images were circulating the Earthbound airwaves, satellites do not exist remember, of the internet.

4 My imagination pictured these doing colossal damage!
4 My imagination pictured these doing colossal damage!

Finished with my locks, with a flourish he whipped off the sheet and towel, dusted me down, took my money, handed me free sweets and somehow found it necessary to present his cell phone and show me images of obvious Eastern origin, of compromising images between man and woman! “Look at this disgusting stuff!” he blurted out, and I, with a noncommittal voice and a scant regard at his images, thanked him for his time, eased my way out of the front door to the aroma of burgers, pizza and fried fish that pervaded the early Friday evening air.

5 Fish and Chips just seem so right on Friday
5 Fish and Chips just seem so right on Friday

Did I stand up for Jesus? I asked myself! Should I have tried to explain to him that without the Healing Blood of Jesus, his cause is all but lost? With sinking heart, I realised that the fanatical extremist, in his tangential manner of reason, hell bent on his own glorification, with no concern for his victims, nor the pain or grief caused by his actions, no concern for our Blue Planet, let alone the future of the inhabitants thereon, is a stumbling block for our free World! I considered whether this mould of person did in fact have a soul, or had the obvious indoctrination that started in early childhood cause him to seem soulless, let alone ridiculous in thought and action? His obsession with sex, or the lack of that great gift we have been given, would seem to be his own stumbling block! In his free fall should he not be looking for Love and from there he may just learn a tolerance and appreciation that through our imperfections, he might see perfection? (Thank you John Legend!)

6 Again, no caption needed!
6 No caption needed!

Brothers and Sisters and Lovers of the Blue Planet, we have much work to do!

I have an amazing video clip for you, of the launch of a satellite from Cape Canaveral on June 4th 2018! This clip is  long but well worth the viewing! It was a spectacle that had me enthralled during my extended golden hour on that Monday morning. SES-12′s terminal velocity is close to 35,000 KPH!

Just for you Clinton and my pro barber!

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