Visions 2

In my desperate attempts to survive in the workshop, on the road and in my virtually impenetrable home in South Africa, I have never lost sight of my vision to create a family base that would honour my strong New Zealand roots. A haven where my children could feel the belonging that I have experienced lifelong, a place where, although plonked way down in the South Pacific, 12 hours ahead of GMT on a southern Summer’s day, and another nine hours ahead of Hollywood, a country whose National Anthem is more of a prayer and song worshipping God. Although often shaken to it’s very core on the Pacific’s Earthquake zone, and having to rebuild after such catastrophes, a place where you are who you are and not discriminated against because of the colour of your skin.

Visions 2 NZ and fault line

1 Blatant fault lines that shake God’s Country to its very core!

With recent events taking place in the Republic of South Africa, where the fascist black leadership, having stolen Billions of Rands via blatant theft, nepotism, clever manipulation of municipal charges and power delivery, slack policing and often sanctioned theft from any person considered to be white, or foreign, not to mention the constant attacks on Farms after calls by leadership to Kill the Boer (Farmer or a more general meaning would be Kill the Afrikaans speaking whites), and now to cap it all off the despot regime shocked the South African public by  approving in Parliament the appropriation of land without compensation, the path is wide open for the hordes to invade while an uncaring, politically manipulated police and army stand back ready to incriminate anyone who stands his or her ground, or groups that might be formed to protect their fellow man, it became a reality more than a vision to secure that base in New Zealand.

Visions 2 Mooi river

2 On April 29th 2018, idiots, apparently protesting that foreign truck drivers were employed rather than themselves, torched and looted trucks on the N3 highway to Durban, blocking both sides of the toll road during the long weekend. The clean up continues!

In 1981, on a soggy December 4th, I threw caution to the wind and married an Afrikaans speaking Diva, named Linda who has a heart of gold and a person who if you considered her your friend, consider yourself blessed. Our children, Vincent, Natalie and Danelle all attended Afrikaans schools, but at my insistence, took their University courses in English, as that is the language of the business World. The family is essentially Afrikaans, I am the black sheep in the family!

Visions 2 Afrikaners

3 Words of a folk song stating that Afrikaners are sociable and like throwing parties!

My experience of Afrikaans speaking white South Africans, is that they are God faring, good of heart, strong of will, compassionate and fair in their dealings with their fellow man, of whatever race, colour or creed. Just don’t hurt my family or steal my stuff! There are many millions of them in South Africa and yet the fascist black regimes are calling for their downfall, or eradication. Under the guise of being there for my fellow black man, black leadership has installed their puppets in every position of authority, whether it be government, municipal, police, state owned enterprises, even the Receiver of Revenue in order to siphon off wealth into the pockets of the despots and their cohorts. The constant blame for the failure of the masses who have voted them into power, to improve their lot, is directed at the white man, former, admittedly evil regimes and the head start black masses were deprived of under the apartheid regime. Eager to point a finger and take as my rightful inheritance, many millions of black South Africans have fallen under the spell of the criminal regime and various so called black empowerment parties, and are ready to vote the ANC back into power, or even worse a coalition of despots, who if they by some small chance do not get re-elected in 2019, will mobilise the masses into a fascist frenzy, reminiscent of the Bolsheviks and La Marseillaise, against the white population of South Africa.

Visions 2 Lenin and bolsheviks

4 Lenin and the Bolsheviks took out anyone who had any hint of aristocracy and the farmers were wiped off the face of the Earth. Their loss destroyed the Russian farming industry for decades!

Understanding that, but unable to comprehend why the fascists feel threatened by millions of essentially good people, you may realise that the implementation of my vision has now become urgent. But wait, having worked hard and played hard for the last fifty years, paid taxes when I could, VAT ‘cos I had to, footed university bills, holiday bills, power, water and rates bills, paid 8 percent of my staff’s wages to their pension fund, bought shares at high prices and sold at extreme lows and generally had a ball, I find myself broke!

Visions 2 empty pockets

5 Feel familiar guys?

So my serious Vision 2 has now degenerated into a plea for funds as my regular lotto purchases allied with a prayer for the balls to fall in my favour have fallen on deaf ears and that Base seems even further away today, than yesterday!

Visions 2 Lotto

6 Work is a result of ears that don’t listen!

OK, only joking about the funds, but as I secure a secure future and hopefully leave a legacy in the hands and minds of those who have suffered under my leadership of repairing motor cars to the highest possible standard, I challenge all black South Africans to toyi toyi but for jobs and a chance to prove your ability to God, yourself and your employer, for free Wifi and social media access, to not mimic the taxi driver who once drove you at breakneck speed to work, now that you have your own car, to monitor your leaders, and department heads, in every sector and hold them accountable for the portfolios they hold, to read, read, read and in doing so live so many more lives than your own. You and your children are the future as are all the people, of whatever race, colour or creed, who make up the Soul of South Africa. The World is watching you, not to see you fall, but for inspiration!

Visions 2 toyi toyi

7 At last someone listening to reason!

This song, sung by a naturalised white South African, Johnny Clegg, was written for Johnny’s mate, black South African, Dudu Zulu who was gunned down during the Taxi Wars in the early Nineties. Follow the words and feel the passion:

St Vincent School For The Deaf helping the hard of hearing to listen:

Down Durban way The Fulton School for The Deaf:

Abraham Kriel Childcare group, caring while we work:

The Avril Elizabeth Home for the Mentally Handicapped was opened in 1970, and for the amazing work they do for the less fortunate they deserve great accolades: