The Presentation

Not satisfied with a knot tying in London and a subsequent bucket list honeymoon at exotic places in the Americas, Gert and Nadine arranged a second exchange of vows in an extravaganza like, almost This Is Your Life wedding ceremony for families and friends in the Hub of Africa’s capital city, Johannesburg.

The Presentation SANDTON areial view


1 Sandton City, Africa’s most valuable square mile, with Greater Johannesburg sprawled around!

The Venue chosen was just that on the twentieth floor of Green Park Corner, plonked on the fringe of Africa’s richest square mile, Sandton City, nestled on and around a hilltop in Johannesburg’s northern suburbs.

The Presentation The Venue patio

2 The Venue! The patio, yes the patio, not the balcony, is on the twentieth floor with views to die for!

The dress code was ballroom and compulsory masks to match. We arrived a little early after receiving instructions from Nadine to, not be late, catching the beautifully dressed couple being ushered into the building by their entourage! A tooting of hooters and catcalls were answered with, again, instructions from Nadine, shouting “You’re not supposed to see us!” as the entourage disappeared into the bowels of the building.

Slowly a group of glamourously dressed ladies, some with well dressed gentlemen attached to them, made their way to the twentieth floor and The Venue, where we were all directed to the patio and a panoramic view of that valuable piece of real estate, Greater Johannesburg and the Sun making it’s inexorable path to the far western horizon! Drinks, greetings and introductions, not to mention dramatic photos of the setting Sun ensued! The scriptwriter just had to take a bow as the scene was choreographed with absolute perfection!The Presentation Cheesy Dan and his Diva

3 Cheesy Dan and a Diva who recently celebrated a very special birthday! Awaiting the green flash on the 20th floor!

The Presentation divas

4 Radiant Divas with matching skyline!

Once our MC, Charles, had manipulated the gorgeous lot of celebrants into listening to his booming voice, the be-masked group were directed to the inner sanctums of The Venue, where we noisily awaited Gert and Nadine’s entrance. The scriptwriter excelled again as, almost to match our MC, the dramatic and booming of Carl Orff’s, O Fortuna, from Carmina Burana, followed our couple as they, to applause and catcalls, both dressed in white and looking like a million dollars, made their way along the red carpet to the stage.

The Presentation on the red carpet

5 To the fanfare of O Fortuna, Gert & Nadine walked the red carpet!

The link to O Fortuna for a taste of their arrival:

Dave Templeton then guided the couple through their vows with wonderful words of sharing, caring and growing in love, and even a metallurgy lesson thrown in regarding the two bands of Gold they again placed on each other’s special finger!

The Presentation the vows

6 Dave guides our Lovers to their vows with special words!

Our two lovers kissed passionately, ran the gauntlet of greetings, congratulations and silver leaf confetti, disappeared for a few minutes, then reappeared again to take the stage as the extravaganza continued!

The Presentation on stage

7 Gert giving his best Sheeran look while Nadine, so impressed, awaits her Beyoncé stint!

The duet of Gert and Nadine singing Ed Sheeran and Beyoncé’s song Perfect, albeit lip synched, blew our socks off with their professionalism, it would be a hard act to follow! But following up on that was The Presentation!

It was to be précis of each of their lives to date, a tribute with pictures of each and everyone named and plastered on the big screen of the stage wall. A tribute to their loved ones, Families with whom they had grown with, special friends, business contacts who had attained the title of Family, playmates, even a nefarious sounding group called the Drunken Skunks got a mention! It was an emotionally charged tribute from a couple who, although they had attended the same schools as teenagers, only discovered they were meant to be, one score years later and more! It was a long presentation and although some of us with ADD battled to focus, (the Bar had been temporarily closed for every good reason), the emotion that filled the room was tangible and many a tear was shed, boys and girls alike as very probably every person in the room got a mention! A unique and very special presentation of everyone to everyone else, it will be remembered for all of the soggy cheeks, the special hugs and the warm glow of passion!

At last the Bar was opened again and it was time to open the dance floor and get the party started. With not a hint of nervousness Gert and Nadine swooshed across the dance floor, with only that long trail of her wedding gown just about sending her flying, and by now with well practised moves, they paved the way for those with itchy feet to dance to the beat of the great disco music!

The Presentation bloomers

8 Delving under Nadine’s gorgeous dress, all Gert could come out with was a pair of turquoise bloomers for the bachelors!

The Presentation, the poem.

Drawn there by Friendship, Family and Love

To The Venue in Sandton, high above

Gorgeous Divas all dressed to kill

The men, their adorements, desperate to thrill

Drinks taken amid expectant hum

As we take in the setting of the glorious Sun

A ballroom mask had been the call

Mysterious glitz and glamour one and all

Then to the dimming of light

And a flash of white

O Fortuna’s boom, boom, boom

Our lovers march in to this classic tune

 Along the red carpet, they make their way

To the stage where their vows, again, they will say

Once done, the gauntlet, confetti and breathe

With song, ‘tho synced, the crowd to please

Sheeran, Beyoncé and Perfect, as if it were they

Our Lovers, performers, stars of the day

Then a menu of introductions from A to Z

So many presentees you have in your head

Who walk with you now, and where you once walked

The tears prove, it is them, about whom you talk!

Dan Varoy at Gert and Nadine’s wedding extravaganza 2018 03 10

A wedding ceremony that just had to astound, with many comments that abounded on Facebook, from stunning, amazing, gorgeous to splendiferous!

The Presentation our Gert and Nads

9 Our Lovers posing with the late night Sandton skyline. Great pic guys!

Imagine Dragons’ Thunder is probably the song we should dedicate to Gert and Nadine, but to my mind Toto’s, Hold The Line (Love isn’t Always on Time) from 1978 is perfect:

Footnote: Adorements, (thank you Linda Budding Varoy) and presentees purposely misspelt.

Acknowledements: Liezl Vogt Dart, Chris Tunbridge, Brenda Ashford and all those who posted the great pics on Facebook, from which I could pick and choose, and download!

St Vincent School For The Deaf helping the hard of hearing to listen:

Down Durban way The Fulton School for The Deaf:

Abraham Kriel Childcare group, caring while we work:

The Avril Elizabeth Home for the Mentally Handicapped was opened in 1970, and for the amazing work they do for the less fortunate they deserve great accolades: