Dancing with Tears in My Eyes

Overjoyed, as most clear minded inhabitants of our Glorious Blue Planet will be, at the news that despot dictator and democratically elected head of Zimbabwe is under house arrest, and his child bride has fled to Namibia with nothing more than outstanding luxury hotel bills and a suitcase filled with extension leads to her name, I am dancing in the streets along with my sisters and brothers, but it is a sad, sad dance!

Dancing with Tears in my eyes Mugabe

1 Bob Mugabe. Burnt out after leading the despot life for 37 years.

Often visitor to loan sharks and cronies in neighbouring South Africa, where state capture is the reality rather than fake news, (thank you Donald Trump), Old Bob, certain associate to Satanist’s hero boss, Old Nick, has bullied his way through 37 years of leading what was once referred to as God’s Own Country, down a path of racially motivated, personal gain and hate filled destruction to where Zimbabwe stands today, desperately poor with the majority living from hand to mouth and judging from job applicants at my workshop in Johannesburg, half of the Zim population have breached the Limpopo and are plying their trades in South Africa. Bob, regular challenger of Jesus, has sold much of Zim’s rich mineral deposits to the Chinese and how that will now pan out with the little thief gone is anyone’s guess! How the people of Zimbabwe will manage to get back Bob’s embezzled billions depends on the legality and motivation of the next generation of democratically elected leaders.

Will another despot take his place? We know Grace, the child bride is out of favour and with an outstanding assault charge over her head, clear thinkers will not welcome her in South Africa. Although certain red shirted unclear thinkers have made statements welcoming her in their midst, in the Gupta owned State.

Morgan Tsvangirai, leader of the Movement for Democratic Change in Zimbabwe is an obvious hero of the people and has personally suffered at the hands of Bob’s bully boys, (the police), being beaten nearly senseless with iron bars in March of 2007, Morgan has called on the 93 year old glue pot to stand down in the interest of National sentiment. We all agree!

Our concern, as always, on the Great Continent of Africa, is the individuals who surround and support such degenerate leaders and freely beat, rape and kill anything that might show resistance or stand in the way of their greed or gain, are still out there even though their hero is about to be snatched by the hooded, blacked robed demons in the ether and be escorted to the cosmic dust on the fringes of our Universe!

The demise of Bob and his criminal cohorts will have tasted better if the people of Zimbabwe had succeeded in disposing of him in the free and fair elections, rather than the dramatic military intervention, which obviously came about after Bob sacked his deputy President, Emerson Mnangagwa last week to make way for the installation of the child bride as President!

A sad fact is that the moment defeat is seen to be imminent in free and fair elections in this neck of the woods, the dirty tricks brigade appear to change things to suit the despot, defying common sense, the clear thinker and the free World! (The United Nations has sadly become impotent, even allowing Bob to recently have a rant on a podium usually graced, (whoops!), by clear thinkers and Blue Planet lovers!

Dancing with Tears in my eyes enough is enough

2 Enough is enough! Elated Zimbabweans. We hope and pray another despot doesn’t beguile you.

As I edit this emotional piece, the people of Zimbabwe dance in the street, linking arms with soldiers as they celebrate. I hope and pray that a freer Zimbabwe evolves, led by a people person and not another despot dictator.

Dancing with Tears in My Eyes – The Poem

Bread Basket of Africa, and God’s own Land

Had no inkling of what you had planned

The day they allowed you to take over the reins

Succumbing to your bully boys, who caused so much pain

As you challenged Jesus and flaunt’ your power

Laughed at the fools from your lofty tower

The hordes carried out your evil deeds

Fooled and blinded by the Devil’s seed

Tied with barbed wire to a tree on my farm

While your cohorts cackled, “We mean you no harm”

Then the bitch of your general waltzed into my home

“I like this house that you no longer own”

Then your uniforms as protectors of law and peace

Iron bars, innocents and opponents, so much for police

Morally beaten, tired and physically downed

Wrong Tribes and Whiteys forced from hallowed ground

In their thousands they sought asylum abroad

With nothing to start with, could nothing afford

‘Though your cohorts, in their comfort, we also despise

With baited breath we watch your glorious demise

As the joyous conga line winds where we all now abide

Our cheeks are streaked from the tears in our eyes

Dan Varoy 2017 11 18

Written for those who suffered, those who lost, those who left, those who dance and those who cry. Frank and Daisy Mitchell from Bindura, Trish and Quentin, Raymond Muthumbi and the Family Muthumbi, the many Families Ngwenya, the many Families Ndlovu, Morgan Tsvangirai, the Family Puzey, Hein and the Family Kruger, Anna Marie and the Family Eloff, Tim and the Family Topping, Mike Mac Neil, Fergus Sim and the tens of thousands of unwritten heroes and innocents who didn’t make it. We are you.

Ultravox and Dancing with Tears in My Eyes from 1984, four years after the Bread Basket handed the despot the reigns, and a year after the Gukurahundi massacre in Matabeleland by Mugabe’s Fifth Brigade:


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