Most women hate it, narcissists deplore it, a lot of us love it, or rather love defying it! Anti gravity is likened to a visit to the gym! The gravity of a situation is often lost to the air head, or as they say in Afrikaans, Loskop, (loose head)!

Gravity Branson doing anti gravity

1 Branson defying gravity!

Galileo is said to have dropped two spheres of differing masses from the leaning tower of Pisa to prove that the gravitational pull of the Earth would cause both spheres to land simultaneously, and not the heavier of the two to land first! Archimedes had reckoned that the heavier sphere would accelerate faster than the lighter and land first! Galileo proved him wrong!

Gravity Galileo and Pisa

2 No wonder that tower is leaning!

The gravity of our World at War is not lost on most of us, with the Assad / Putin alliance seemingly have managed to rid Palmyra of a murder squad, but where the defective DNA strain has moved on to places even more gravity on the situation! More recently a political game has ensued in Syria, where instead of an absolute need to save the lives of innocents, the game players have become political blame throwers acting on behalf of their respective countries! Meanwhile the killings and exodus go on as the World watches war live on TV, and in the newspapers.

Gravity idiots at work in Palmyra


3 Idiots at work in Palmyra!

Sadly the tenets of the impotent United Nations are lost amidst the barrel bombs and chlorine gas! More recently in Syria the gravity of war was on twitter with little Sana being filmed by her Dad in Aleppo, and then months later the absolute destruction of that city! As the editing of Gravity goes on, the US have chosen to send a few missiles into a Syrian airfield in response to another chlorine gas attack on civilians, causing seemingly minimal damage and one wonders, what next?

Gravity destruction of Aleppo

4 The absolute destruction of Aleppo!

We have to remain vigilant and if you haven’t noticed, be cautious of the cloud of so called migrants who are busy trudging into the arms of a guilt ridden World, pulling at our heart strings, dropped by the previously mentioned world body, their exodus manipulated by an evil axis of hate mongers!  It really is a grave situation! Those of us who would remain free must sleep with one eye open and guard against the negative and hateful seeds that would take us back to the dark ages! As I edit this very posting, news is coming in of an idiot driving into pedestrians at Westminster, and killing a police officer, leaving four dead and scores grievously injured. It seems we must sleep with both eyes open!

Our Prayers are effectively cyber and can you imagine if, like the internet, we managed to get the masses to focus on specific requests, apart from the grave topic above, like Blue Planet saving schemes that collect plastic shopping bags and bottles and turns them into books that educate children about our Earth and not dissent or hate of your fellow man!

If this all sounds a little like a Dan Brown novel and Noetic science, it is! The human mind is so powerful! If you do mind, it does matter!

Gravity Dan Brown's Lost Symbol

5 Prayer can move that ‘mountain’!

It is time for a new Crusade! This one will be fought in the council rooms, filled with real Free World leaders united by a common cause.  With peripheral battles eating away at the societies that would rather send their sons and daughters to hell than accept the existence of a Loving God who, on this volatile Blue Planet, has provided more bounty than can ever be counted! No, the blame throwers and their ilk are seemingly driven by hateful motivation to rid their lands and the World of anything that reeks of freedom or individual thought! These societies are operating inside an abyss from which there can be no escape and no forgiveness, especially by those who have suffered at the hands of the evil crew! Perhaps our Loving God is capable of forgiveness toward those who murder in the name of a false god or prophet?

Gravity SA treasury

6 No caption needed to explain this grave situation!

Now this morning, as I ponder on the gravity of a South African Treasury that has been captured by an out of control leadership that has manipulated patriots out of the way, so that the looting can continue unabated, I have Sky News reporting on cowardly attacks in Sweden and Egypt! In a service at the Vatican, Pope Francis prayed for Egypt and victims of these barbaric attacks, praying also that God might change the hearts of those that would perpetrate such evil! We echo that Prayer, Pope Francis, but pray also that a spirit of education spreads across the region, that young hearts can be taught, and be caught before the dark thoughts of those who would keep them in poverty, in the shadow of evil, capture them in an inkwell of hate, where the only way out seems to be their own glorification! Get down on those benders and Pray brothers and sisters!

On the other hand, were it not for gravity, our beloved Blue Planet would simply disintegrate and float away! The tectonic plates that support those magnificent mountain ranges and provide great bowls for our life giving water, would no longer shift and grind against each other and Earthquakes would never have existed! How great The Hand that hath formed! How great The God that is Nature!

Gravity is holding this all together

7 Gravity is holding all of this together!

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