Although this tasty little story began life some months ago, I was encouraged to finish it off, after being enticed to buy a Terry’s Chocolate Orange at the local Spar! True to form that chocolate orange didn’t last the evening, I finished it off!

Chocolate Terrys

1 Terry’s scrumptious Chocolate Orange! On the wrapping is written: “Whack and unwrap”

Thursday July 7th 2016, 4 days before my business in Randburg turned 33 years old, was World Chocolate Day, and for all of us with a sweet tooth, a day to celebrate with a slab of Cadbury’s Caramello or Fruit & Nut, or to throw all caution to the wind and stop at the local Spar and buy Mummy a box of Ferrero Rocher. I know who’ll be getting the Lion’s share of that box of chocolates! In fact, a box of chocolates is often just the thing to save a situation or relationship, especially after the flowers didn’t do the trick! And remember what they say: You ain’t had sweet until you’ve tasted chocolate!

Chocolate World Choc Day

2 Of the 365 days of the Year we celebrate, Chocolate must be one of the favourites!

A mention that the World’s predilection of devoting a day to anything that deserves celebrating, or helps with revenues, is something just short of ridiculous! Or is it?

Our lives are inundated daily with scenes of a World uneasy with itself, of violence that defies logic, of people that have succumbed to idealist brainwashing, of people carrying planks on their shoulders waiting for life to be changed to suit themselves, demanding instead of working at it themselves, or people simply carrying a defective DNA strain that sees solutions in the blood or demise of their victims! Although we have come too far to allow the poison to spread, or affect our positive outlook, such scenes do have their impact!

Chocolate Good news

3 With all the bad news happening around us, it’s always good to balance it out with some good news!

So what better way to celebrate life than to celebrate each day with a new topic! I have a list that goes on and on of things to devote a day to: Family day followed closely by Woman’s day, and by association Mother’s and Father’s day are tops with Valentine’s day already making 5 out the year’s 365 days! Our religious and various national days of celebration add a massive chunk to a list of days to celebrate, but our study is more about personal desires of what tickles your fancy, what particular turn on makes your day!

Celebrating a loved one’s or your own life with a birthday celebration is always a blast, often producing lots of chocolates, and even wine and liqueurs with chocolate flavours like Nachtmusiek! And of course if you want a bit of culture there’s the movie Chocolat set in a tranquil French village and is a superb play with the villager’s tastes, emotions and desires all tested when Juliette Binoche opens a chocolate shop! Even Johnny Depp had a taste!

Chocolate Chocolat

4 Binoche and Depp, seduced in Chocolat!

For anyone who has experienced the absolute thrill of riding a motorcycle, World Motorcycle Day is celebrated on June 21st the longest day of the year, for the Northern Hemisphere of course, and weather permitting, what better way to revel with your ride than to cruise until the Sun sets!

Chocolate Motorcycles

5 Cruise until the Sun sets!

In South Africa, Heritage Day which is SA’s equivalent of the US’s July 4th, is also National Braai Day where friends and family get together and braai the day away! The new South African generation, who have taken to demanding everything for free, also enjoy lighting fires but the targets for their spontaneous combustion are in the Campuses and places of learning, where the morons have destroyed infrastructure, annals of historical knowledge and literature, and undoubtedly the resolve of many who have worked so hard to skillfully create the data bases of intelligence. No chocolates for those morons!

Chocolate Braai Day

6 Boerewors, braaied to perfection and best eaten from the fire!

Boxing Day in the Southern Hemisphere is an unofficial Beach Day, and for those lucky enough to be holidaying at the coast, is a day to debauch oneself in the Sun, surf and sand! The Christmas Day presents of boxes of chocolates have long been gobbled up, so let’s do a Beach Day!

Chocolate Boxing day

7 Boxing Day, South Africa! Everyone goes to the beach!

World Book Day was celebrated in 2016 on various dates in and around March and April, with April the 23rd making the most noise! After spending most of the year celebrating that would have been a good day on which to chill out and curl up with an easy read, a box of chocolates, a glass or two of wine, snacks and……!!!

Chocolate and books


8 Brain food!

Now that brings a thought to mind, when is World Wine Day!? A quick check on our favourite browser informed me that: “on 2 June the world will celebrate World Wine Day”! Oh dear, at the time of writing we missed it, but at least we had a Birthday to celebrate! And remember what Plato said “Nothing more excellent or more valuable than wine was ever granted by the gods to man”

Chocolate Plato nothing more excellent

9 Except that in Plato’s era, Lindt and Ferrero Rocher weren’t in business yet!

On a recent trip to Cape Town we visited the Van Ryn Distillery where their brandies are introduced to eager groups of tasters, each group tasting differing vintages and each vintage offered with a specific flavoured Belgian chocolate and Brazilian coffee.  Booking is essential as these tasting sessions are a highlight of the Van Ryn experience! Things we don’t have time for here are the wooden barrel making exhibition and in the main storage warehouse, an explanation of what the angel’s share actually is! Be warned electronic apparatus’ and any metal objects must be shed before entering the warehouse!

Chocolate Van Ryn's secret copper potstills

10 Van Ryn’s top secret copper potstills. (We used a hidden camera!) Oh for a workshop floor painted and gleaming like that!

An appropriate song for our subject, Gerhard Steyn and Baby Tjoklits:

St Vincent School For The Deaf helping the hard of hearing to listen:

Down Durban way The Fulton School for The Deaf:

Abraham Kriel Childcare group, caring while we work:

The Avril Elizabeth Home for the Mentally Handicapped was opened in 1970, and for the amazing work they do for the less fortunate they deserve great accolades: