After getting the vote in New Zealand way back in 1893, women with attitude have made their mark around the World with the Mae Wests, Germaine Greers, Madonnas and Maggie Thatchers, to name a famous few! In some societies though, the so called men still need to conquer their fear, lose their own skirts and realise that the dark ages have no place in this modern Age!

Women, apart from that most natural wonder of bearing and suckling we who would be, beguile us, confuse us, frustrate us, guide us, correct us, teach us, send us back to Mars when the situation requires…….. and so on!

Attitude men from Mars

1 Why do they always seem to have the last say!

Homo sapiens apart, the natural world on our Blue Planet applies the rules as we should, but often with the most amazing differences, for instance:

Sea Horses get involved in a bit of cross gender stuff, where the males actually carry the eggs and pump the oceans full of minute Sea Horses, of which just a handful make it to maturity as other hungry creatures of the Ocean feast on the delicacy of baby Sea Horses!

Attitude sea horse

2 Note the surprised look in the male Sea Horse’s eyes when he finds out he’s pregnant!

The matriarch within the African Spotted Hyaena pack is the dominant female, whose genitalia have evolved to mimic the males set making it very difficult to discern the sex of each gender, and the boys just knuckle under to these Cleopatras of the Animal Kingdom, once they find themselves a female of course!

Attitude Hyaena

3 You might just think twice before messing with this Mama!

The African Elephant also rely on the matriarch female of the species to dominate the Herd and in true Elephantine manner, keeps the family herd strong and gathers all the uncles and aunts to protect the flock!

Attitude female Elephant head shape

4 A youngish female Elephant. Note the angular head shape.

African Lions mostly rely on the female of the species to do the hunting, while the Mane rests on his laurels, tends to his mane and provides other services to the feline Queens!

Attitude Lioness

5 Does this seem familiar fellas?

A recent trip to the unique Kruger Park in South Africa provided us with another aspect of the female of the species taking charge!

Ngwenya Lodge close to Crocodile Bridge Gate could only accommodate our little group of four up until the Friday of the long weekend, so a quick scan of our contacts came up with a weekend at Burchells Lodge at Paul Kruger Gate. The obligatory drive through The Park was stymied with a massive traffic jam at Crocodile Bridge Gate, where a hysterical woman was screaming blue murder because she was prohibited from bringing alcohol into Kruger Park!

Attitude no booze in Kruger

6 Blatant rules – so plan your suitcase contents well before you arrive at the gate!

My sister Judy, holidaying with us from New Zealand, and a wit of note, stood calmly in the queue and knowing full well that we had a bottle or two stashed in our suitcases, made the comment for the benefit of the irate lady: “Well, we all know what the rules are!”

Crocodile Bridge behind us, we cruised through The Park via Lower Sabie, stopping at the World famous Sunset Dam where you are guaranteed to see game. A cursory glance amidst the Hippos, Impalas, Wart Hogs, Kudus, teeming birdlife and sun bathing Crocodiles produced a set of Impala horns protruding from the mouth of a massive Croc. Our onboard wit made the comment, “Such an idyllic setting in the heart of Africa, and yet ….. murder most foul!”

Attitude Crocodile misses Impala

7 Our Impala at Sunset Dam was not as lucky as this buck!

From there Nkhulu picnic site and Skukuza then on the final leg of the journey about 1.5 kilometres from Paul Kruger Gate, we happened upon a traffic jam of motor cars that could only mean a Lion or better still Leopard sighting!

After some jockeying for position, but sadly too far away to capture the chain of events in great detail on either still or video, we spotted the centre of attention, a most beautiful Leopard crouching some thirty metres away, ready to pounce on any one of a small group of Impala ewes with a solitary buck, who were standing to attention, seemingly aware of the rosetted hunter’s presence. We jockeyed some more, then sat and watched as a most incredible scene unfolded!

Attitude Impala

8 The McDonalds of the African bush, until the Impala ewes ganged up and gave a would-be predator, attitude!

The Leopard, who lost a little concentration with the many motor cars and odd hooter making his afternoon meal seem a little further away, gave us the odd furtive look and went back to his drooling crouch! In a situation like this the game viewer fully expects the ultimate, to see an actual live Kill but this emancipated bunch of Impala ewes had other ideas! After many tense minutes they started to bark at the Leopard in unison and with an attitude borne of survival in the African bush, moved toward the Leopard, barking at him as he lost his concentration and definitely his nerve, and he slinked off into the bush, tail firmly between his legs!

Attitude Leopard

9 The Impala ewes told the Leopard where to get off, and off he slinked with probable thoughts of, “I’ll be back!”

Alanis Morisette, had a “hand in her pocket and the other one flicking a cigarette”!

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