How important is our vision, that we are able to read the words of those brilliant authors out there who assemble stories so cleverly that we can visualise events in our own minds! Reading and taking the time to read is so important in our education, our further education and leisure. My best is the haunted fish tank (TV) flickering away in the background with a big cricket match on, and me lost in the pages of a best seller, paying attention to the cricket only when a shout goes out!

Visions reading

Yuvraj Singh, “Aren’t you supposed to be on the cricket field?”

And then the inspiration, and further education gleaned from reading those words, rubs off into my hungry mind as I attempt to put my own words to paper and create visions in the minds of you, my readers. My mission statement way back in very first Blog posting, Poetic Licence, was to bring a smile if not to your eyes then to your heart! Judging from the comments I have received, I have visions of having managed to achieve that!

Poetic Licence:

Just as we need that physical vision to see, we also need to visualise our future, where we are headed, do we have a plan of action, what idea do you have that might change the World, and where would we like to be this time next year!

Famous visionaries that come to mind, are Aristole, Socrates, (The philosophers) Archimedes, (another thinker but he was into physics! Eureka! He cried, in the bath!), and Leonardo Da Vinci amongst the ancients.

Visions Da Vinci's flying air screw

400 Years before the helicopter flew for the first time, Leonardo da Vinci designed this “Aerial Screw”!

As the World became smaller the visionaries became smarter! Isaac Newton thought up a whole bunch of laws that our Science teachers drum into our heads to this day, and then we got a telephone from Alexander Graham Bell so that we could phone home! James  Watt put his vision to work as the steam engine, and we ended up with steam trains careering around the countryside! Where would we be without Thomas Edison’s light bulb? Nikolaus Otto is credited with giving us the four stroke engine, followed by Karl Benz who built the first motor car. Henry Ford really started something when the Model T Fords rolled off his production lines! “You can choose any colour you like, so long as it’s black!”

Visions Henry Ford

Vladimir Lenin had visions of a socialist republic which led to eight odd decades of repression in the nations of Eastern Europe, the system ultimately failing because it could never work! Those nations have been set free today, but the scars of repression remain!

Then after the good guys had dispatched with the bad guys in World War One we had a series of visionary leaders to guide us past the second lot of bad guys in World War Two. Visionaries like Winston Churchill, Eisenhower, Generals Patton and Macarthur, and Lord Monty Montgomery, the Spartan General.


Field Marshall Bernard "Monty" Montgomery
Field Marshall Bernard “Monty” Montgomery


Into the Baby Boomer age the special visionaries had an even smaller World to see into the future, where atrocities committed by sects, regimes, gangsters and undemocratic governments all came under the spotlight of an enlightened World, and visionaries like Kennedy, Ghandi, Mother Teresa, Martin Luther King, Margaret Thatcher, Mandela to name a few who guided us the troubled waters through!

He needs no caption!
He needs no caption!


The hi-tech visionaries like Bill Gates of Windows and Microsoft fame and Bill Austin whose Starkey hearing aids, while helping us old farts stay in touch, are distributed free throughout the World to help the impoverished, hearing impaired! The volumes of clever hi-tech people and their visions have accelerated us into an almost science fiction age in the space of a few years! The late Steve Job’s vision must have been the World connected with Apples and iPhones.

Monster TVs, GPS, PCs, Smart phones.......etc!
Monster TVs, GPS, PCs, Smart phones…….etc!

The visions the latest batch of bad guys that are troubling our Blue Planet have, would seem to me to be of a dark and lifeless place with them hell bent on worshipping a spirit that encourages evil acts. My visions of these confused, misguided or manipulated perpetrators of evil are in the very place they visualise, but forever cursed on the fringes of our Universe!

It's a long journey to the edge of the Universe, but don't worry you have eternity to get there!
It’s a long journey to the edge of the Universe, but don’t worry you have eternity to get there!

Keep your visions on the beauty that surrounds you, our incredible Nature, the beauty you find in your fellow man and the vision of how unique and beautiful this Blue Planet must be amidst the greater Universe!

The bad visionaries will stumble and fall into a vortex that will suck them up to their own vacuum of eternity. Our work is to protect at all costs our Loves, our lives and our Blue Planet, and in doing so keep the communication going with each other so that God’s greatest asset, Love, triumphs over evil!

Asta la vista you evil lot! You won't be back!
Hasta la vista you evil lot! You won’t be back!


Selfishly, I think of me

Walking, next to the roaring sea

Caressed by grains, renewing energy

You take my hand, you cast me free

Sun soaked, wave tossed I look about

This is Heaven on Earth, without a doubt

Then a vortex appears twixt Earth and Sky

Screaming masses of hate, unable to deny

Earth’s evil bunch have had their day

To that faraway place they’re on their way

While all this is going on

The Earth is blanketed in glorious song

The words of which in a foreign tongue

But we all understand them, everyone

The questions we had are answered now

Of what our trials, tests and horrors were all about

It was here on Earth we were destined to be

Worshipping God, you and me

Dan Varoy   2016 01 20

Simon and Garfunckle had a massive hit with The Sounds of Silence and they sung about a vision or dream that Paul Simon had of people in the hustle bustle of life today, talking without speaking and hearing without listening! Because of miscommunication there is no understanding!  Disturbed, although David Draiman is not the dude you’d really want your daughter to bring home one day, released a remake that is just as brilliant:

Footnote: Having attained, after a lifetime struggling to, a grasp of our Universe and where my vision sees the perpetrators of evil, a recent show on National Geographic theorises on a “Multiverse” where in the greater cosmos there are many Universes, with parallel worlds going about their daily business! Help me please!

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