How’s The Mix

Just hours before we were due to leave for the long weekend away in Sterkstroom, our little survivor dog, Maltese Poodle Mitzi had misjudged a leap of faith from on outdoor stool, and had lay on the floor convulsing for a while and had then passed out! Danelle was the chosen one to blow a breath of life into Mitzi’s renowned smelly little mouth, and with Natalie and Linda both in a state of panic the three girls raced off to the local Veterinarian hospital, where our little What a Mess regained consciousness but where she was destined to spend the night!

How's Mix Maltese poodle

1 Mitzi can be speedy and always looks good for a few hours after her valet! Alas, before long she transforms into a total mess!

I arrived home to a distraught household but with the good news that Mitzi was OK but the hospital had kept her overnight for observation!

How's Mix Mitzi hi five

2 Thanks Doc! I’m feeling much better!

The next morning, our alarms went off at 4am and we hurriedly packed the Renault Koleos, greeted our friends who were travelling in convoy with us at about 5:30am, and sped off to the Welgevonden Game Reserve, arriving just after 8:00am, to the greetings of our hosts and a glass of Palesa Sparkling Wine! That day’s drive to Sterkstroom encounted many exciting sightings and toasts to missing culprits, followed by a glorious swim at the lodge as the stories and few drinks flowed! But this story is all about an event at the next day’s breakfast table.

How's Mix Welgevonden

3 Welgevonden – private game viewing at it’s best!

It had been a laid back morning drive, a Lioness had exposed herself at a spot where the previous day we had seen her very small cub snuggled into the fissure of a rock above the rock pool, we had seen two relatively rare Gompou, on a mission marching through the veld, but the long sought after Leopard remained hidden from our desperate eyes! Seated around the breakfast table noshing on pancakes with  delicious savoury or sugary mix, one of the culprits noticed my glass was empty and said it was his turn to fill up! He returned a few minutes later with our glasses and we all continued sharing our various thoughts and stories, stuffing ourselves with the pancakes which never seemed to stop coming!

How's Mix pancakes

4 Pancakes to die for!

I had removed my hearing aid for our swim and it was safely on my bedside table! “How’s the Mitz?” my friend asked me. “Oh she’s at home now, and behaving as if nothing had happened!” I said! He gave me a strange look and another story had started up around the table that caught my attention. Next thing I noticed was my culprit friend convulsing in hysterics, head almost buried in his empty plate on the table” What’s up mate?” I asked.

Between the laughter and the tears, he answered, “I actually asked you, how’s the mix?” “The drink I poured you!”

How's Mix the Mix

5 The Mix

Marvin Gaye sang it first, but Creedence made it famous! The classic I Heard it Through The Grapevine:

St Vincent School For The Deaf I got that one completely wrong!:

Down Durban way The Fulton School for The Deaf:

Abraham Kriel Childcare group, caring while we work:

The Avril Elizabeth Home for the Mentally Handicapped was opened in 1970, and for the amazing work they do for the less fortunate they deserve great accolades: