Bunny Chow

I had arrived early for the lecture, which was to be attended by mostly expat Aussies and Kiwis, introduced myself to new acquaintances / contacts, deciding to play safe had chosen a can of Coke, rather than the top of the range wines on offer, and was drawn to the extremely delicious snacks laid out for the guests! The Prawn cocktail, with the Prince prawn laying on a bed of scrumptious looking lettuce, rocket and mayonnaise, said “take me”, which I did and within minutes I regretted listening to the delicacy! The delicious prawn just wouldn’t complete the swallowing process, I had to seek relief and making hasty apologies to my new contacts, ran to a place where my name wouldn’t become mud within seconds!

"Pick me said the Prince!" Irresistible prawn cocktail!
“Pick me said the Prince!” Irresistible prawn cocktail!

After a few more such moments, I felt I had everything under control and shuffled into the lecture room along with my fellow expats, finding a seat where I could hear as best as possible and lip read to add to the listening experience! A few minutes into the lecture on economic reform, I had to apologise to the attractive and eloquent lady lecturer who had flown in from Taiwan, and rushed off to my place of relief, returning a few minutes later convinced that at last I would be able keep my pose and listen with intent, enjoying later on a glass or two of the tempting wines! Any thoughts of solid food were a no no!

I had to interrupt our eloquent and knowledgeable lecturer!
I had to interrupt our eloquent and knowledgeable lecturer!


Nature's oesophagus soother!
Nature’s oesophagus soother!


Linda was quite happy that she hadn’t accompanied me that evening, but after hearing my story once I had arrived home, she insisted that I take the usual samples in sterile hearing aid bottles from her Practise, and pay the Doctor a visit!

You want to do what? In that bottle?
You want me to do what? In that bottle?

After asking all of the relevant questions, the Doctor had said to me, “Take your shirt off, and go and lie down on the examination table facing the wall.” There were washing sounds behind me followed by the snapping on of latex examination gloves, then the command us men fear most: “Assume the fetal position, bend your knees up to your chest!”

Later on he had advised me to go back on the prescribed medication and not to  use the cheaper generic I had chosen to buy to save a few bucks, and that I was to continue to, and religiously, use the prescribed medication to protect my oesophagus from potential attack by stomach acids!

Don't forget your toothbrush and your medication!
Don’t forget your toothbrush and your medication!

Armed with my new batch of muti, and our suitcase packed with weekend garb, Linda and I were dropped off the next day Friday, at the Gautrain at 11:00am by our baby Danelle, and off we sped to OR Tambo airport for our flight to Cape Town to join our good friends who had extended a weekend invitation to visit a wine farm on the slopes of the Helderberg Mountains!

On the slopes of those Helderberg Mountains, later that evening,  we had driven the small four seater 4×4 up through the vineyards to the highest possible point, stopping for sundowners where we had amazing views of The Cape Winelands, Table Mountain, Lion’s Head and the Rump! Good friends, spectacular wine and a Sunset that changed second by second as the distant cloud cover offered varying vistas. Who could ask for more?

A varying vista from the slopes of the Helderberg Mountains!
A varying vista from the slopes of the Helderberg Mountains!

Linda, who reckons I have a blabber mouth, had before our flight down to Cape Town, suggested to me that I rather not mention the scare I’d had the previous few days! After a Bunny Chow meal with the same good friends at a new Curry Restaurant, where rather than having to do hand stands in the shower, my stools were jet black, and I had been having trouble swallowing! All of which had led to successive days of worrying movements, along with visits to websites most of which suggested that dried blood was the probable cause of the jet black stool! So it was on the sixth day, after the evening with the expats,  Thursday that I had made the Doctor’s appointment and had rocked up proudly at the rooms with my two specimen bottles, one of which had proven extremely difficult to fill….!

The bread makes it look all delicious and innocent! Beware!
Bunny Chow! The bread makes it look all delicious and innocent! Beware!

With a backdrop of scintillating views over the Cape Winelands, one of the friends brought up the subject of hot food, going on to mention that he/she had suffered for days after last Friday’s Bunny Chow meal!

That was all that blabbermouth needed to get the truth out there and amidst raucous laughter all four of us shared our stories of post Bunny Chow experiences, most of them moving, but mine spelled out in great detail in the privacy of the Helderberg Mountain slopes, left us all in pain from the glut of laughter!

We laughed until it hurt!
We laughed until it hurt!

The results, a few days later, of all the varying tests, apart from a clean bill of health did indicate blood in that so difficult to produce specimen, which the Doctor and myself agreed to agree that, now the blackness had disappeared, that the Bunny Chow curry must have burnt its way through my alimentary canal!

That bunny sure burnt a course through this alimentary canal!
That bunny sure burnt a course through this alimentary canal!

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