Carpe Diem

“Seize the day” or the moment, the opportunity, follow your intuition! We all will have moments when we look back in retrospect and rue certain decisions we made with circumspect action!


I have always been accused as someone who lacks the circumspect gene, someone who rather rushes in where Angels fear to tread!  The following little story, I think, flouts that theory! But you judge rather!

Some years ago I had the opportunity to buy a large stand with a house, a double volume garage, bordering on a main road, with potential business rights, but only with access from a back road! I had been a number of times to view the stand and my thought was that it would be perfect for my business. I could gut the house to get the business going and there was oodles of space to add a workshop at a later date!  Priced in the low hundred thousands (Rands that is), the offer to purchase had been drawn up and I had to just add my million dollar signature.

The smallish mortgage bond repayments would have reduced considerably the massive amount of rent I had been paying, and still do to this day!

I had, in the meantime, asked certain people for advice and the general consensus was that, I would not get business rights in a hurry, and that, as the back road was tucked away, would not get any passing trade!

Seize the Day, the Night and Life
Seize the Day, the Night and Life

Having utmost respect for my advisers, particularly the one in the know, who insisted that I would never get access from the main road, with a heavy heart, I did not sign the offer to purchase, and chose to carry on supporting my landlord’s business!

Then a few years later, to my absolute horror, a business appeared with access from the main road! My greatly respected in the know advisor had been sitting on an, already granted access rights to the stand, document! “Et tu, Brute?”

Time flies so seize the day!
Time flies so seize the day!

My moment of Carpe Diem, in retrospect was there for the taking, but I didn’t listen to my own inner voice! To add to my horror story, a few months ago I went past Dan’s stand and one of my suppliers had bought it, newish building and all, for many millions of Rands!

Who was the quick thinking photographer who seized this awesome moment?

Putin, in a much disputed moment of Carpe Diem, annexed a seemingly pro Russian Crimea from Ukraine in March 2014! He held a shotgun referendum (ie the shotgun bearers were guarding the poll booths), and the World has all but forgotten about Crimea!

Putin and Crimea

Texas was annexed into the USA way, way back in 1845, setting off the Mexican – American War! The USA successfully annexed Hawaii in 1898, just in case you didn’t know!

History reveals many thugs and tyrants who took their Carpe Diem, and in doing so changed their world! Attila the Hun, famous for assembling a most fearsome army and devastating Europe and challenging the Romans in the 400s AD, seized his Carpe Diems as his armies slaughtered and looted their way through ancient Europe! One Roman Emperor even offered Attila a chariot filled with gold to keep his hordes at bay! Attila, naturally seized the moment, and the gold, called off his bad boys for a short while, then tiring of a boring peace, carried on his marauding ways! His Carpe Diems came to an untimely end though, on his wedding night, when he imbibed an excess of wine, or Slivovitz, passed out on his back and after developing a nose bleed, drowned in his own blood!

The moral of Attila’s little story is, apart from seizing the moment, is to always pass out lying on your side!

Carpe Diem – the Poem

Seize the moment, seize the day

Lest your chance go awry

Plan for then, but live for now

Cram it in, but leave not your plough

Live as if tomorrow, may not arrive

In all you do, play and strive

To keep your passion at it’s peak

Detractors! Offer them the other cheek

As you listen to that inner voice

Decision made, excellent choice

You’re way ahead of the rest of them

You seized the moment, took your Carpe Diem

Dan Varoy, Seizing the moment 2015 06 20

Always listen to that inner voice, while considering the devil’s advocate!

I think that “This Magic Moment” by Ben E King and The Drifters from way back in 1960, is a fitting tune to seize the moment:

St Vincent School for The Deaf where the hard of hearing are taught to listen to their inner voice:

St Vincent School For The Deaf