Ghost Riders

My guitar playing abilities were limited to picking the tune of the song, made famous to our generation by Johnny Cash, Ghost Riders in The Sky. My perception of wronged souls drifting over the glorious Blue Planet, rather than Ghost Rider’s lyrics, led to this poem!

Whether Germanwing or Lufthansa or the demented arsehole’s physician is responsible for allowing the multiple murderer to fly 150 people into oblivion is of little consequence!

That combination of endomorphins and terror as the plane neared its unplanned resting place must have created enough spiritual energy to mobilise a battalion of Angels!

Snow capped Mont Blanc
Snow capped Mont Blanc

I see the souls of those taken, flying over the Alps, gazing in wonder at the snow capped peaks. Gasping at the sight of Alpine Ibex goats perched on the most impossible of peaks. Catching glimpses of maniac skiers on powder snow defying the God of avalanches!

Ibex Mountain Goat
Ibex mountain goats on impossible peaks
Skier defying the God of avalanches
Skier defying the God of avalanches

The demented arsehole I see, as with the assassins on MH 370 and 9/11, forever troubled by cosmic dust and the screaming of their victims in the far reaches of the ever expanding Universe. Soon the cronies will realise that there is an even louder screaming! That of their own pitiful voices reverberating against the desolate planets, and although they try to stop, their screaming and the blinding cosmic dust just goes on, and on, and on………! Any thoughts of glory or release are just a vacuum. It is as if their death had just begun. Here you have no name and no Valhalla, your physical body is unable to intervene by dying.

The Souls Taken have become Ghost Riders and their journey over the Blue Planet also goes on with sightings of glorious panoramic scenes and magnificent creatures. When the weather closes in and storms brew, the Ghost Riders magically reappear in the most awesome of places from Antartica to the Galapagos, from the African bush to the Northern Lights on a Scandinavian night!

Northern lights
Northern lights in Norway


Glacier calving
Glacier calves in Alaska

Then a massive thunderclap like sound as a Glacier calves at the edge of the sea, followed by the heart stopping sight of an Orca Whale breaching in the Pacific Ocean. In the Amazon a Python snake slithers through the rain forest watched sleepily by a Jaguar hanging in the branches of a rubber tree.

Orca breaching
Orca breaching
Slithering python
Slithering python

On a dark desert night in Nevada they meet up with those famed Ghost Riders of yesteryear guiding them away from the devil’s herd as they ride the prairies together under star lit skies!

Jaguar in tree
Jaguar in perfect pose

Dan Varoy, at odds with the evil ones. Easter 2015

Johnny Cash and Ghost Riders in The Sky:

St Vincent School for The Deaf where the soul learns to listen!

St Vincent School For The Deaf