I had a scare recently when an sms came through seriously out of the blue! It was from an old friend, and mentioned that, that person was on a life mission to correct certain life errors that person felt she/ he had made in life.

We had drifted apart over the years as we lived in different cities and not in each other’s pockets!

Out of concern, I went upstairs to the top floor, open air swimming pool deck of our hotel in Rio, and composed the following poem then sent it on via sms:

If you need to talk I shall call from wherever I am.

Consider this My Friend:

Though our lives are busy now

Meeting ends we survive somehow

The twinkle you have in your own eyes

You’ll see reflected, when, with a visit you’ll surprise

I have no recall of disquiet or distress

Only yearning for times shared, when we gave our best

On a rooftop I sit with a fabulous Rio view

Concerned that you called, out of the blue

Consider this my long lost friend

As you crank your motorbike through those twisty bends

‘Though I will always be there for you

God’s Spirit, troubled times, will see you through!

Dan Varoy 2014 09 01

Friends do stuff up their relationships and often make a mockery of the word, Friend!

Leona Lewis’ theme song for the hit movie Avatar is entitled: I See You! That is exactly what a friendship should be!

I see you for all your perceived faults and for whatever mistakes either of us might have made in our relationship. Here’s the link to Leona Lewis, listen while you read!

Avatar couple

A true tree hugger’s movie with deeply moving scenes and an introduction to Friends of Avatar! In researching friends of avatar I discovered a TV animation show with a cult following, and also the meaning of the word. An avatar is something that embodies something else! If I can get a little spiritual here, are we not all then avatars? Our spirits embodied in our human form!

Bear not a grudge, and from that haughty tower do budge.

Forgiveness starts within yourself. You have to learn to forgive yourself first, so that your freed spirit becomes a tangible thing that others around you can feast on! Free air!

At a later meeting with my old friend, it turned out that the perceived errors were exactly that. Two stupid things, that person had carried for years of self-recrimination, instead of first understanding our own humanity, and knowing that a straight apology would have immediately created a legend between friends!

A whiff of your spiritual makeup comes into play and understanding that besides having spent a few millennia creating this blue planet, God’s Spirit’s rightful place is inside every one of us! His is the Calming Hand that says close the throttle when you were about to open it!

Friendships are to be cherished and the secret to a lasting friendship is to learn to forgive at the blink of an eye! Understand her / his failings, or the situation she / he might have been going through. There are obviously certain limitations like possibly being stabbed in the back by your own friend, but then that wouldn’t have been a true friendship anyway!

A few years ago, a couple from way back, whom I regard as close friends, called me from Joburg’s International Airport, saying they were in transit and “They would love to see me”! “Did I want to come through and have a quick meal with them”? I needless to say dropped everything and rushed to OR Tambo to greet them! It turns out that they had been to South Africa a number of times on business, but were always too busy to give me a call or kuier! Many years had passed! At their next call, I will be there like a faithful dog, picking up whatever scraps are offered!

I repeat:

Bear not a grudge and from that haughty tower do budge

The Litany below should be viewed from both sides of the looking glass!

Litany of a friend

For being there when I was at my lowest I thank you friend

When I melted down, and you saw the fool

You felt for me, kept your cool

For the years I wasted with self-recrimination and guilt

You repaid, when, with open arms you showed how you felt

Likewise, for the times, when there for you I should have been

You remained steadfast friend, my shortcomings redeemed

 Tho’ the World against me doth press

You hold my hand Friend, relieve my stress

My four footed friend, who worships me without fail

Tho’ I might snack alone and step, unthinkingly, on your tail

 Friend of the Earth, whom every tree will hug

Never rest ‘til your beloved Earth is freed from every bug

 How far we’ve travelled along our path

Shared trial, tribulation and many a laugh

 I thank you Friend for picking me up those times that I fell

Your support keeping me far from the gates of hell

 I sit here now in warm reflection

Thanking God, and you Friend for our interaction

 Dan Varoy 2015 02 19


James Taylor who didn’t quite achieve the cult like Bob Dylan fame, but still came up with some awesome, memorable classics: You’ve Got a Friend

Here is another link to the preview of the long awaited but soon to be released movie, Friends. Now we can see on the big screen talent such as Courtney Cox, Jennifer Aniston and Lisa Kudrow. There are a couple of boys too, two Matts, a Le Blanc and a Perry, and David Schwimmer!


I for one am a Friend of St Vincent School for The Deaf:

St Vincent School For The Deaf