I think it was Johnny Weismuller, the original Tarzan, who had his own, very special fitness technique : Stand in front of the mirror, pump every muscle in your body and hold that pose for 30 seconds, admire yourself for the same duration, and do that every day of your life.

Mirrors Weismuller Tarzan and Jane

1 Johnny Weismuller, “Me Tarzan, you Jane!”

Mirrors are a reflection on your life, what has gone down, and if you have read the signs correctly, what is to come. Your life is written in your face, your eyes often giving it all away. You have had the most horrific of years, behind with the rent, creditors chasing you for tom, and you wonder if you are going to make the month end. How then is there a sparkle in those eyes? You look at those eyes, and you see a survivor! That’s the sparkle!

Mirrors sparkling eyes

2 Eyes that sparkle and entrance!

Badfinger’s song Without You, made famous by Harry Nilsson, for us more mature rockers, and Mariah Carey for the younger teeny boppers, mentions: “You always smile, but in your eyes your sorrow shows”

If you feel yourself slipping keep going back to the mirror, let Tarzan show you his technique again. You may have to put your glasses on!

My very favourite mirror story happened way back when Linda, my better half, was carrying our eldest child Vincent. They say that pregnant women have a glow about them, and in Linda’s case this was definitely so!

Mirrors Emily Blunt glowing

3 Emily Blunt definitely had a glow about her!

At about this time, I was still learning the special nuances of Afrikaans, and of course, the language. After a particularly violent incident I mentioned to Linda about the glow theory but added, in Afrikaans, “maar jy, jy is aan die brand”! (but you, you are on fire!)

I had a client, who had a very exotic name originating in ancient German aristocracy, in what was to become the Bismarck territories of Prussia, which is now modern day Poland. I am sure she will have no objection to me repeating the name here: Erika Von Zelewski was also the gorgeous mummy in the then TV advert for Tastic Rice.

Erika had dropped her car off for repairs one morning, and as I was giving her all of my attention, (are we so obvious?), Linda pulled into the workshop to say hello! As good as Linda looked 8 months pregnant, you can imagine her irritation seeing me attending to the Prussian Princess with so much focus! Anyway the two ladies exchanged pleasantries and off they went on their various ways.


4 A German Princess by Francois Joseph Kinsoen

In desperate need to go places, I went, and washing my hands afterwards, as always, a glance in the mirror revealed a horror snarley on my cheek (it had been there from early that morning)! (Linda just loves this story) I had forgotten to do a post nose blowing check!

From that time onward, I added the post nose blowing mirror check to Johnny Weismuller’s advice!

Mirrors mirror not just for the ladies

5 Vanity mirrors are not just for ladies, fellas!

Another cute little mirror story happened when our youngest child, Danelle, was busy developing her language skills. Danelle had developed her own language and what should have been in Afrikaans, geld, (money) in Danelle’s language was ang. Her swimming costume was a faffie and a caravan was a munk, an airplane (vliegtuig), was a pica, amongst others.

Mirrors Ang

6 Indian ang!

One day Danelle came out with a sentence, saying to Mummy “Ek wil lo sien”! (I want to see lo) Linda took this to mean that Danelle wanted to see a Leeu (Lion) and bought out the game reserve books and photos of our trips to Kruger Park, but that didn’t seem to please Danelle. Days later Linda, after another hectic mother’s school day, was in our bedroom reading a few lines of her latest read, when Danelle stood in front of the mirror, looking at herself, and simply said, “Hello Lo”!

Mirrors Hello Lo

7 “Hello Lo!”


Mirror Mirror on the wall

Let them walk straight and tall

Let not their blemishes prevent success

Show them their eyes that they give their best

 Slow us in our headlong rush

Keep us calm, prevent the crush

Help us see those positive reflections

Steered away from negative directions

 Each time they come for therapy

Reflect to them their inner energy

Impossible for you to tell a lie

We’ll always, then see eye to eye

Dan Varoy 2014 07 22

If you have got time listen to the four odd minutes of Justin Timberlake and Mirrors, the lyrics scroll with Justin’s voice, you can sing along!


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